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Get A Free Mobile App For Your WordPress Blog

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Get a free mobile app for your WordPress blog.


Make sure that your site is accessible over the REST API by visiting

Where YOURBLOG can be your Blog’s ID (e.g. 3584907) or you blogs domain without http (e.g.

Optional(If you want your tweets to display on your mobile app)

Entering your Twitter API keys

1. Go to and login

2. Click ‘Create a new app‘

3. Fill the form to create the application

4. After completion, you should see the application settings screen. If

this is not the case, manually browse to this screen.

5. Go to the ‘Keys and tokens’ tab

6. Copy the Consumer Key and Secret key and send to me

Optional(For Youtube)

Youtube and Google API keys.

Visit to get the playlist ID that you wish to display in your mobile application

If you would like to know the CHANNEL ID of someone else his youtube account, you will need to visit the Youtube Channel Page again. Right-click the page and select the option to browse the page sourcecode and try to find the channelid parameter by doing a page search with (CNTRL + F OR CMD + F). You will see the ChannelId in the content attribute between the brackets.

Optional(for Facebook)

If you would like to show a list of Facebook posts from your Facebook page you can supply your Facebook ID to us.

Visit to get your Facebook ID. E.g 104958162837:

Instagram Access Token

The Instagram Business ID of the feed you would like to display. Visit this link to get your Instagram Business ID

Create your Adnaira account and

get details

1. Go to

2. Create a new publisher account and add your app.

3. Find and write down your App ID.

Send me the app ID 

Note: These steps are very easy and You will be guided through the process via NairaHire Chat. We'll assist you to get all the required info


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