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Need to get your job executed faster and better with a less expensive budget? Simply provide details concerning the job and our freelancers will complete it.

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Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Project

Interestingly, you can get any sort of job done. Jobs ranging from little to enormous, from jobs that require an explicit range of abilities to fixed-price jobs.

  • Connect With A Freelancer Now 

    Trust your intuition and go for the best freelancer you find promising.  

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How To Start Hiring

Here is how to get started! 

You can get any job done right here. In three simple steps, you are good to go!

  • 1. Post A Project

    It's either you post a job and consequently get bidders from our freelancers or you can scan through the categories of freelancers you need and connect with them yourself.

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  • 2. Select A Freelancer

    Scan through our profile of freelancers to pick the best freelancer for your project. Select  the best proposal and give out your Project.

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  • 3. Payment

    You can only pay if you are pleased with the end product of your project. 

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Want to Work? 

Here is how to get started! 

Naira Hire is open for all serious minded freelancers who are passionate to work from the comfort of their home or any convenient place and earn. 

  • 1. Create a Profile

    Provide a detailed information about yourself and what you have achieved or can achieve. Once you get your dashboard, you can control many activities and you get to update your profile. 

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  • 2. Post A Service

    From your dashboard,  you can post a service or two. Don't go overboard to add unrelated service(s) so as not to scare off employers. Create catchy flyer for a service you post and don't be ridiculous in your pricing. 

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  • 3. Bid for Projects

    Take your time to search for jobs even after you have posted a service. You can find your employer and bid for the project. Utilize the "search for employer" and "browse jobs" sections to scan for jobs. Bid, win and execute projects! 

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Start Today For a Great Future

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Naira Hire. 

  • General Questions

    Q: What is Naira Hire? 

    A: Naira Hire is an online platform that connects on-demand digital skills with available skilled personnel that can handle the task at a quick response time with quality delivery.
  • Employers FAQ

    Q: How do I post a project?  Q: How do I hire a freelancer directly for my project? 

    A: You can post a project from your dashboard. You will be able to give detailed information about the project. 
    A: You can search for freelancers yourself and reach out to them directly by choosing their services. 
  • Freelancers FAQ

    Q: How do I deliver a project? Q: Is there a fee for bidding? Q: What is my bid limit? Q: How do I get paid? 

    A: You can deliver a project to the employer's email or google drivimg description

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